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What goes in to a piercing at Rockstar?

Our Health & Safety Practices

Nothing is more important to Rockstar than providing our clients with safe piercing. That means we have invested in state of the art sterilization, up-to-date training for our piercers and our counter staff, and cutting edge tool and jewelry processing.

Tool and Jewelry Processing
Most piercing studios reprocess tools in an ultrasonic. While this is indeed a safe and effective minimum, we choose to exceed minimum standards. Rockstar considers tool reprocessing of such critical importance that we, instead, use an instrument washer called a SciCan Hydrim. Our Hydrim instrument washer is more effective than ultrasonic cleaning, and is substantially safer and more effective than hand scrubbing instruments. Because it is self contained, there is no microspray of biohazardous water like there is with an ultrasonic. This is safer for our piercers and sterilization technicians, and eliminates the risk of ultrasonic related cross contamination. This results in a far safer piercing experience, and better peace of mind for our clients. We are the only piercing or tattoo studio in Rhode Island that utilizes this cutting edge technology.

New jewelry is steam cleaned and bulk sterilized when it arrives at the piercing studio. It is sterilized a second time in a sterilizer for immediate use when you get a new piercing or a jewelry change. We also offer anodization of titanium jewelry, which in addition to brightening and changing the color of titanium, acts as an additional cleaning step before it is cleaned and re-sterilized.

State of the art sterilization
While all piercers need to use a sterilizer (called an autoclave) to render their tools, needles, jewelry and supplies safe for piercing, not all autoclaves are created equal. Rockstar utilizes two Class S autoclaves for our sterilization needs. The autoclave our clients will be interested in is called a StatIM 2000.

The StatIM 2000 is a cassette autoclave, allowing for Rockstar’s piercers to sterilize our client’s piercing implements and jewelry right at the point of use. We are able to test the sterilizer using a sterilization integrator with our client’s initials on it. No need to wonder if the piercing was performed with sterile equipment: we have evidence of every procedure before our clients are pierced!