About Us

What goes in to a piercing at Rockstar?

Our Location

We specialize in body piercing, and we are the only shop in Rhode Island to do so.
Rockstar is passionate about body piercing. We’ve dedicated considerable time and effort to our education and invested tremendously in our facility. At most tattoo shops, body piercing is an afterthought. At the mall, ear piercing is an after school job. Rockstar’s piercers pursue body piercing as a career. Our aim is to provide the safest piercing with the best jewelry in the world, by the best trained piercers in the business.

Our Thayer Street location is in the center of all the excitement that College Hill can bring. Above Nice Slice Pizza, across from the Avon cinema: our Thayer Street location is filled with energy and a constant flow of new and interesting clients! The Thayer street Rockstar location has an enormous selection of jewelry, and in shop titanium anodization. Since 2002, Rockstar has been serving the piercing needs of Rhode Islanders!

Rockstar Piercing Demonstration from Cetra on Vimeo.