About Us

Meet our piercers


Peter Jett

Peter Sherman Jett began his career in piercing where most of the piercers at Rockstar did: with the Fakir Intensives in San Francisco, California. He quickly rose through the ranks at the shop, becoming an apprentice and immediately being hired at one of the best piercing studios in the South, Icon Tattoo and Piercing in Nashville Tennessee.


Jason Pond

Jay began piercing in the late 1990’s in Worcester, MA. Before long he made the transition to Providence and has been with Rockstar since day one. Jay’s education includes the Fakir Musafar Basic Piercing Intensive as well as the Fakir Advanced Piercing Intensive.

Megan R

Megan R

Megan Raposa (or Meg Two as she is affectionately called at the shop) joined Rockstar in 2011 as a counter person.  In the following years, she developed an almost encyclopedic knowledge of body jewelry materials, styles, gemstones and combinations.


Megan Feeley

Shop Manager

Megan has been with Rockstar since 2006. Since that time, she has received an unparalleled level of education for a piercing studio manager. Megan, like our piercers, is certified in CPR and First Aid, as well as OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens training. Megan has also attended the Association of Professional Piercers conference, receiving training in autoclave maintenance and employee management.