Age and ID Requirements

Rockstar Body Piercing

Age and ID Requirements

For all piercing services at Rockstar (which include new piercings, jewelry changes, and jewelry removal), you must be 18 years old or older, and have a valid (non-expired, non-damaged) government issued photo ID. We accept State ID cards, Passports, and Drivers Licenses.

We cannot accept paper temporary IDs as valid ID for piercing services. Due to new restrictions on photocopying, we can no longer accept any Military ID’s.

Teen Body Piercings:

We can pierce, change jewelry and remove jewelry on children 15 years and older when accompanied by their biological mother, father OR legal guardian.

The child must have one of the following: State ID card, Passport, Drivers License, Military ID, OR their birth certificate. The child’s last name and address must match their parent’s last name and address; OR their parent must be listed on the child’s birth certificate.

Legal guardians need to provide court documents giving them full custody of the teen to be pierced.

We do not perform surface piercings, surface anchors, genital or nipple piercings on minors under any circumstances.

Children’s Ear Lobe Piercings:

At our Atwells Avenue location only, we offer ear lobe piercings to any child who is old enough to ask the piercer, and is accompanied by their biological mom or dad. Mom or Dad must have their ID and be listed on the child’s birth certificate.

Note: Both Rockstar locations should be treated by children and their parents like a museum. Keep a close eye on young children! Our artwork is mature and features piercing related subject matter, suspension, and subtle nudity.

Please call either of our locations before coming in if you have any questions about our age and ID policy.